Moving With Your Pet: Factors to Consider

Relocating to a different state or home is very stressful. From packing up your entire home’s contents, utilizing storage units for an easier move, getting your finances in order, and arranging travel and flight plans (if necessary), there’s so much to do. But when you have a pet, the stress is overwhelming. Thoughts start tickling through your mind: will my dog like the new home? Will my cat transition well? If there are other dogs around, will my dog get along well? Is the neighborhood pet friendly?

A friend and her  husband recently moved into their first home. Previously they had been renting out a condo, which they called home for five years. During that time, they got Tilly, their adorable terrier. The condo was all Tilly knew — she was a condo dog. They had the luxury of time while moving, so they made sure to bring her over to the new house a few times before the actual move so she could sniff the place out, start to recognize the space. On moving day, they made sure to set up “her blanket” on the sofa (in the new house), and that was the first thing they showed her when they brought her over. It was still a bit traumatizing for her, but she grew to love the new place quickly.

There are many things to consider when moving with your pet: pet relocation options, finding a new vet, pet store, dog park, wildlife. Here’s what you can do:

Pet Relocation

Relocating pets are more difficult than you might think and there are rules associated with pets and flying. Do all pets need to be stowed? Or can they sit on your lap in a carrier in the cabin? Utilizing a pet relocation company can take a lot of stress from your shoulders. They will let you know of all the up-to-date travel requirements and documentation needed for pet travel and will arrange all the necessary documentation for you.

Find a Trustworthy Vet

Your pet is your baby, and you only want the best. When you find a practice, call and ask about their experience, insurance policies and fees. Are they open 24/7? Do they have emergency staff? Getting the questions you need answered may help you to feel more comfortable.

Look for Friendly Dog Parks

The best way to make friends in a new state or neighborhood is to find nearby dog parks. It allows your dog to roam the park, make new friends and get that necessary exercise. You benefit as well: you meet new people, learn about your new area and can make possible connections for future doggie play dates.

Ask Neighbors About Wildlife

If you’re moving near snowcapped mountains or a desert state like Arizona, wildlife is a definite factor. Ask the neighbors about coyotes, scorpions, hawks or other dangerous wildlife. If you’re getting a doggie door or plan on spending time outdoors with your pet a lot, make sure the surrounding area is safe.


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These are surely good points which should be considered and taken care about. Pet relocation is not an easy task; it requires a great expertise and care.

These are surely good points which should be considered and taken care about. Pet relocation is not an easy task; it requires a great expertise and care.

I am going to relocate and I will bring my cat with me. Sarah is two-year-old fluffy cat and she is part of the family. I can’t move to another town without her. Thank you for the nice advices in this post!

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