Horse Riding Tips for Parents – Elise Gaston Chand on the Real Dr. Doolittle Show™

Elise Gaston Chand is a horsewoman with over 30 years experience in horse management, breeding, competition, and industry marketing and advertising. Elise was a horse-crazy kid raised by non-equestrian parents and is raising a young daughter who shares her love.

She and her daughter visited a horse stable/show and witnessed a traumatic event with a young rider, her horse, the trainer and the parent.

She left the show determined to help other parents not suffer the same tragedy, and so wrote the book: A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons, which is the topic of our delightful, entertaining and insightful interview. We discussed:

  • Is it possible to be involved with horses economically and not break the bank or your child’s heart?
  • Non-equestrian parents don’t have to be experts to be involved and why it’s so important to help guide their children’s horse-related activities. Your child’s love of horses can be something you participate in, whether or not you share that same passion.
  • Trainers and instructors may — or may not — be qualified to teach your child. Don’t think that they are professionals simply because they know more about horses than you do.
  • What is the single most important factor around horses, without exception?
  • What is it about horses that is so appealing?
  • Do horses become emotionally attached to people? How can you tell?
  • How can you tell if your child’s interest in horses is temporary or is the start of a life-long career?
  • Someone else may be more knowledgeable about horses, but no one knows your child better than you do. Being involved and informed will help ensure your child’s safety and his or her ongoing enjoyment.

Get your copy of her book “A Parent’s Guide to Riding Lessons,” (and a copy for all your other horse crazy kid parent friends) at:

If you’d like to hear more from Elise you can listen to her podcasts here:


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