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Moonglow’s amazing story, part two {get kleenex!}

Once upon a time there was a race horse named Moonglow… This is part two of her story!

In Part One, I told you how Moonglow went from a super depressed, miserable two year old Appendix filly doing very badly in training, to a successfulmoonglow-part-2-pic racehorse who loved the game and found a great deal of joy in racing.

When ‘Glow’s knee chipped, the owners did surgery to repair it.  Then started her back into training and racing when she recovered.

The bad news is, even though I had carefully explained what was to happen and why, and I had answered all her questions and concerns, the actual surgery was very hard on her.  When she started training again, she told me it felt like she had lost her super speed overdrive gear and could no longer leave the rest of the horses behind in her dust.  It saddened and frustrated her to no end.

So her owners gave up and retired her.  They threw her out to pasture, giving her little attention anymore.  Having what she felt was her purpose taken from her due to her inability to win races, her spirits plummeted.  She lost weight, and didn’t really care about herd politics, so the other horses shunned her. She no longer felt special.

When her owners told me they had decided to put her up to auction, I felt horrified.  By that time, after having working with her for a couple of years and having invested so much of myself into her well-being, I had fallen in love with this wonderful, courageous, spunky mare.

It was clear that she loved me too, because I could do things with her that the owners were astonished to see.

For them, she was hard to handle.  She was intelligent, feisty, argumentative, mischievous, high-spirited and a bit wild.

One day as I was talking to her with Sue, one of her owners, standing beside her, Glow suddenly and unexpectedly kicked her in the middle of her thigh!   Glow was in such precise control of her powerful kick that when her hoof landed square in the middle of Sue’s leg, instead of breaking Sue’s leg she only left a dusty hoof print on Sue’s jeans with us in shock, staring at her in astonishment.

Had she used her full intent and power in that second, she could have easily snapped Sue’s leg in two.  I asked her why she’d done that and Glow said she was mad at Sue because her attention was wavering and Glow didn’t like what Sue was thinking.  She wanted to be sure Sue had her full attention, meaning, she meant business and wanted to be treated with respect.  And Sue got the message with just a dusty hoof print as a reminder.

But for me?  Because I, of all the people in her life, took the time to communicate with Glow and really listened to her like she was very important, she felt understood and respected.  She knew that I really “got” who she was.  I heard her heart, she felt mine.  We trusted each other completely.

With me, she was calm, happy, content, cooperative and very sweet.  I always felt safe with ‘Glow, and it was clear that she made an effort to take care of me.  When I drove out to the ranch, she always knew I was there.  She would call to me with a happy whinny and if she wasn’t already standing at the gate waiting for me, she’d head that way before I even got out of the car.  We both looked forward to our visits like kids going to the candy store.

So the thought of her going to auction and being bought by who knows who and for what purposes – including the possibility of the butcher to be turned into dog food…?

No!  Nononono… I just couldn’t live with myself if that happened to her.

I discussed the situation with Glow.  I told her what her owners had decided to do, what it would look like, and what the possible outcomes were.  She had dropped so much weight her ribs were showing and her coat was dull.  Because her physical condition had deteriorated after having been exiled to pasture all those months, it was doubtful a quality buyer would step up for her.

I told how I felt about her, and that I would like her to be my horse.  I explained what life with me would be like.  It would be VERY different from what she’d known so far.  She would become my riding horse.  She would have to be very patient with me while we learned new games.  We would try our hand at jumping, dressage (classical riding), trail riding, and whatever else we could find to do together that would be fun.

She would live at a barn with other horses.  And we would find a trainer to help us.  I told her that I hadn’t had a horse in my life in over 20 years, I hadn’t ridden a horse in a very long time, and that I needed her to take care of me.  I had been very ill with Lyme disease for years, and wasn’t very strong.  I was in a lot of pain, and I was out of shape.  Even so, I promised her I would always do my very best to take care of her. I didn’t own a horse brush, hoof pick, a bridle or halter or any other horse gear, so we would be starting completely from scratch.

After I shared my vision with her, I asked her if she wanted to come be with me… Or if she felt that there was another better person, place and purpose for her, or if she wanted to do something else, and if so, maybe I could help her do that?

She listened carefully, looking at me with those big brown eyes that saw through to my soul.  Then she came close to me and put her head in my arms.

And in that moment, tears sprung to my eyes and I cried into her beautiful mane.  I realized that we belonged together, and that I had just become a horse owner.  We had made our decision. 

Next thing for me to do was gather my courage to explain to my husband who was NOT a horse lover that I was buying a retired race horse.  THAT was not a happy conversation and he made it clear he did not support me in any way, shape or form.

Somehow I found the money to proceed with our plan.  And bravely, together we began a grand and magical adventure based on a wonderful loving relationship, and had many joyful experiences together, before tragedy hit…

And that’s a tale for another day.

I hope you’re enjoying your animals, and that you remember to take the time to discuss things with them so they can understand.  That you take time to listen, carefully, to what they have to say.

It makes ALL the difference in the world, for them and you too.

BIG hugs and much love to you and your Angels, Guides, Healers and Teachers disguised as animals.


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