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Inspired Dog Sweaters for Parents Who Want to Spoil Their Dogs

The designers at http://myknitt.com certainly love dogs. Their passion and creativity leads them to come up with inspired designs for handmade crochet dog clothes. They specialize in dog sweaters.

There are many of us dog lovers who treat their dogs like their children. I’m certainly guilty of this myself. I love to spoil Einstein. I ran into this fantastic website for specialty dog sweaters and fell in love with it. I thought I’d pass the site along to you.  I am not an affiliate of this site, I just loved their designs and business philosophy.

Why I love http://myknitt.com.

1. Handmade
They guarantee that their products are 100% handmade, giving each design its own uniqueness.

2. Custom-Made
If you have something special in mind, or your dog is not a typical size, they can custom design and make a sweater to meet your specifications.

3. Variety
Their variety of gorgeous clothes for dogs is amazing. It is clearly evident that they love what they do.

4. 100% Cotton Yarn
Their sweaters are all made from 100% cotton yarn. Dogs need material that breathes as much as we do.

Like Me for Dog Posts5. Precious Hereditary Legacy
Crocheting has been a tradition that has been passed down through generations of their family. So much of our family heritage is being lost to our overly busy life styles. It was a treat to find a company that honors their long-standing family history and traditions by finding a way to provide a valuable service to those of us who are willing and happy to spoil our furrkids.

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