Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours with David Blank and Val Heart

Have you ever wanted to take your pet with you on an adventure?

David specializes in helping you do exactly that with your pets so that everyone has a great time including your furrbabies! Find out how he does it, what’s involved in happy tripping with your four-leggeds.  Hear about the incredible grand adventures he and his animal loving explorers have enjoyed all over the world.

We love taking our border collie Timmy with us when we explore our world.

David takes it to a whole new level!

David Blank is the founder of Happy Tails which is a new tour concept that is dedicated to taking you on fantastic adventures that focus on sharing great experiences with your dogs. Everything is about you and your dog having fun and building relationship. They are creating a number of fantastic international itineraries.

My friend David is a professional tour guide and dog trainer who has been to 49 US states and 45 countries. He has hitchhiked from the US to Guatemala to study Spanish, backpacked and hitchhiked throughout East and South Africa, and spent a year motorcycling 20,000 miles throughout the US, Canada and Mexico with his dog Max. David has an MBA in International Business and has lived and worked in Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, China and France.

David Says, “As a guide, the only thing that is really important to me, besides sharing my love for the world, is that my clients have a unique, fulfilling experience that they will remember prominently and fondly for the rest of their lives!”

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“Travel with someone you love!”

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels


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