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Dog Breeds Best Suited for Life In An Apartment

If you think that living in an apartment distances one from the love and companionship of a dog, then you need to open your eyes to other possibilities. It’s true that there is a certain way of life which needs to be followed in an apartment, but there are dogs which can adapt themselves perfectly well to such a life. We are giving a list of the canine breeds which have proven to be wonderful apartment pets. The list is by no means a comprehensive one, but it specifies some of the breeds which deal, in the best way, with the requirements of confined quarters.

After going through this list, you will notice that size is not the primary reason determining inclusion on this list. Some dogs would be more energetic than others.  Those are the dogs which may not readily cope with confined spaces, and who need more space so that they can indulge themselves, burn their energies – physically and mentally.


Earlier, Greyhounds were mostly used to assist in hunts. These days they are usually seen on the racing tracks. A retired racer is a laidback soul who seeks more pleasure in relaxing than you may imagine; largely a quiet dog, it fits nicely in an apartment life. A leisurely walk or a five minute run would give enough exercise to the Greyhound to maintain a healthy mind and body. Moreover, a shorter coat would result in lesser grooming.

Boston Terrier

The polite nature of the Boston Terrier makes it a good fit for apartment life. Being quiet earns the Boston Terrier brownie points from its neighbors. This small dog would shower ample love, affection and loyalty upon its owners, and would only require a moderate level of exercise. A brisk walk outside is generally enough for them to feel happy and light.

English Bulldog

This medium sized dog has very minimal requirements for grooming and exercise. Living in a confined space doesn’t really bother an English Bulldog, as it actually loves to loaf around. Your lazy lovable dog is a loyal companion, and its quiet and patient demeanor makes it more appropriate to live in small spaces.

Yorkshire Terrier

A toy breed, Yorkshire terrier is a friendly dog which can very comfortably fit in even a studio apartment. An intelligent little fellow, it can adapt to any lifestyle or space. As far as the problem of barking goes, you can easily train the dog to not bark, and add on to its suitability to living in an apartment.


Havanese is an adorable toy breed which would play all around the house, minimizing the need for outside excursions. Largely quiet, the dog would adjust to any accommodation type, but because of its long fur its grooming needs are higher.


A highly affectionate, adorable and loyal dog, a Pug will follow you wherever you move in the home, no matter how small your haven may be. Your playful and mischievous Pug would adjust to any situation of life, provided it has a caring owner who takes care of its needs. Playing inside the apartment’s four walls would also be enough to satisfy the exercise needs of the Pug.


A Maltese is blessed with a long silky fur which makes it look attractive and cute, but the best part of its beauty is that the coat is not prone to excessive shedding. This low-maintenance dog is very affectionate towards its masters; being of a quiet disposition makes it a highly sought after companion in an apartment setting.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small in size, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would drench you with its love and loyalty, and its friendly nature would make it a favorite of the people of the building and their dogs too. It is a calm dog and would readily adapt to any living situation, such as an apartment.

Great Dane

Its large size is quite deceptive; the Great Dane is in every way an apartment dog. A Great Dane likes to idle away its time peacefully. It is easy to train, thus, any issue regarding its behavior can be tackled through training. A calm and friendly large dog, it would fit into your apartment and maintain a healthy body through moderate amounts of exercise.

There can be many more breeds which can be trained or adapted to an apartment way of life through effort and care. Some high energy dogs can also be accommodated in an apartment setting if as an owner you take up full responsibility for your dog’s health and happiness, and undertake daily walks, jogs and other activities to burn off its energy and keep them stimulated.

Can you suggest the names of a few other breeds which you know to be apartment friendly?

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