Build an Easy DIY Drinking Fountain for Your Beloved Pet

If your pet doesn’t get enough water, serious consequences could await. Water should make up between 60-70 percent of an adult dog (even if it is a big hound or a small dogor cat’s body weight, the ASPCA reports. Food provides some of the water your pet needs canned food is up to 78 percent water, and dry food is as much as 10 percent. Just a 10 percent decrease in your pet’s body water could cause a serious illness, and a 15 percent loss can cause death.

A drinking fountain for pets is a great way to provide lots of fresh, running water, but the ones on the market are usually a bit pricey and difficult to clean. Save money and help ensure your beloved pet’s good health by building your own drinking fountain for pets.


  • Glass floral beads. The large and smooth beads you need for this project are similar to those used in floral arrangements; you can find them at your local Hobby Lobby.
  • One fish tank filter for a 2- to 10-gallon tank. Choose a filter that pushes the water from the top, creating a waterfall effect.
  • A large binder clip
  • Filtered water
  • Surge protector
  • 1.5- to 5- gallon glass fish bowl


  1. Assemble the fish tank filter (follow the instructions included).
  2. Rinse the beads to remove any dust or debris.
  3. Place the beads into the fishbowl. These beads keep larger particles from entering the filter and hold the filter up, so it sits at the ideal height.
  4. Place the filter into the bowl, with the top of the filter even with (or slightly above) the lip of the fishbowl. The waterfall faces inward.
  5. The bottom of the filter rests on the glass beads. If your filter sits too high or too low, adjust the number of beads in your bowl.
  6. Some filters have suction cups to attach it to the side of your bowl. If not, use the large binder clip to attach it.
  7. Pour filtered water into the bowl, but only about halfway.
  8. Prime the filter by pouring water in it. If you neglect to prime the filter, you may damage your pump.
  9. Place your pet’s new water fountain on a stable, flat surface before you plug the filter in.
  10. For safety purposes, plug your filter into a surge protector.
  11. Turn it on, and voila. we hope your beloved pet enjoys his new fountain.

Fountain Cleaning Tips

Clean your pet fountain weekly. Always unplug the filter before you remove it. Empty the water from the bowl and rinse glass beads with hot running water. Use dish soap to clean the inside of the fishbowl. Reassemble, refill and turn it back on.

Over time, you may notice the filter leaking. You may just need to change out the seal (called an “O-ring”). You can find various sizes of o-rings at just ask the staff to help you determine which size would work best for your filter if you’re unsure.

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