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Animals as Our Mirrors

By Carol Gurney

Did you ever think that you could learn about yourself from your animal’s behavior? Have you ever considered that your animal’s behavior could possibly be mirroring your own? Would you believe that your animal could be one of your greatest teachers? Or, that she could be one of the best role models in life? Did you ever think that animals have the power to transform your life? If you open yourself up to this possibility, you just might see your animals in a slightly different way than you do now.

Early in my days as an animal communicator, I began to realize that animals were talking to me about more than just their wants and needs. I found that in many of the communications where an animal was demonstrating some type of unusual behavior, they were acting out because they were trying to tell their person something about themselves. Time and again this would happen. Whether it was a cat suddenly not using her litter box or a dog that got aggressive with people when they were visiting his home, so often the cause of the behavior referred back to something happening in their person’s life. Once I discovered that this was happening with other people’s animals, I began asking myself whether there was anything that I needed to take a closer look at when my animals would act out. Was there something going on that I was unaware of? Was there something happening in my life that was being reflected by my animal’s behavior? Believe me, there are times when we don’t want to have a look—self-examination is hard! But as I discovered, it is worth the effort.

When my first dog, Jessie, a black and white mix of border collie and pit bull, would not respond to the “come” command, I used to get really mad that she wouldn’t come to me when I called her. Of course, why would she want to come to me when she was obviously having the time of her life exploring? After calling and calling her, I felt my anger turn into rage, which truthfully really scared me. Luckily, I was aware enough as an individual to stop and take a closer look at myself. I knew this wasn’t her issue, this had to be about me. So I asked myself what was going on inside? Where was this rage coming from?

I was surprised by the answer. Memories from my childhood came flooding back. I saw myself as a little girl who was never allowed to be a free spirit. I was always so disciplined, always had rules to abide by, and really didn’t have the opportunity to explore who I was. This was exactly what Jessie was experiencing for herself at that moment. She was exploring who she was and how she related to the environment she was in.

What a revelation. I realized that I was angry at the fact that she was doing something for herself that I never got a chance to do for me. But then I thought . . . who was stopping me now? I was the only one in charge of my life. So off I went exploring with her. What a life-changing lesson for me. An issue that might have taken a number of years in therapy to figure out was resolved within a few days. We were now two free spirits enjoying the journey together. What a gift she was to me and I thanked her from the bottom of my heart for showing me this freedom.

Perhaps your animal is trying to tell you something, too. The only way you’re going to find out is if you listen. Why don’t you give it a try?


ABOUT ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Learning animal communication is an exciting journey into the Self, the nature and reality of our world, a behind-the-scenes look at the many complex interconnections between us all, and the real truth about relationships. It’s also about discovering how to connect at deeper levels with other beings. My hope is that this course proves very useful to you in many ways. Learning to master animal communication takes a lifetime of study, practice and education. But don’t be scared! Any animal lover can learn how to talk with animals, if they’re willing to put the time and effort into learning how. You can too! Click here to view my beginning course on animal communication.


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