Animal Communication and a Powerful Message from a Squirrel

One day I was amazed to find this email from Adam in my inbox.  He made my day!  What a wonderful story of transformation and animal communication with another species, squirrels.

Squirrels have taught me many extraordinary things over the years.  Did you know they have songs?  A young squirrel taught me one of their songs and it blew my mind!

I’m delighted that Adam is now one of the special ones who can communicate with animals, along with me and many others around the world.  And because he is more open, he’ll discover even better how to tune in and connect.

The wonderful thing is, once you’ve opened the door?  Other animal teachers will come…



Adam’s Story about Animal Communication and Squirrels:

We are not human beings on a Spiritual Journey but we are Spiritual Beings on a human journey.

That being said, I have an interesting story to tell you about my own interactions with the friendly neighborhood squirrels I was calling thugs before we had a heart to heart, or, meeting of the minds so to speak.

Last summer my backyard garden didn’t do as well as the year before and my cucumbers were failing miserably so when I caught a squirrel mozying around in my garden, he/she hightailed across the top of the fence and I threw a rock and only brushed him/her but it maintained its balance and I thought I made my point.


I have a front yard garden as well and the next day when I came out to check both, the cucumber garden had a small cucumber bitten in half right at my entrance to it. The message was loud and clear and I was livid.

Stay with me here Val and please read on as this is something that needed to happen to me.

I went inside and dug out my buried bb gun and some bb’s and loaded it up and the next squirrel I saw out there I plugged its ass! Wasn’t trying to kill it (and I didn’t) but to warn it and I know it had to have hurt like hell.

The NEXT morning I was standing on my front porch where a tree from next door leans into my yard and there was a squirrel on the biggest branch over my yard and looking directly at me with head down and flashing tail up began squaking at me while looking me in the eye.

Initially I thought he was cussing me out in squirrel profanity (I did pick up a few profane words but don’t tell it that) turned around to go into the house and snag my bb gun but something caught me and I somehow tuned in to its frequency and the message was literally booming loud and clear.

They’re hunter/gatherers and their environment isn’t providing the sustenance they need to maintain an above zero BP like it used to and they’re “hoongree” and if I’d be so kind as to help them out with a few nuts or anything else they would try to stay away from my gardens and some other squirrel gibberish I couldn’t quite make out.

I know what being hungry is and if people get hungry enough, they’ll eat dog food and if they’re starving, they’ll ENJOY IT!

Suffice it to say that I immediately returned with nuts and to this day, I provide them with as much as I can in both front and back yards. They will eat cookies and dog food but prefer cookies and nuts or even carrots.

Sometimes when it’s most important or critical, I can pick up an animal’s message and that was one of them and I can tell you that it’s far more gratifying for me to feed them and have them walk right up to me than it was to shoot at them.

So now it’s just me and the squirrels and a wide open heart and a longing for our reunion. I felt I needed to share this with you Val because of what you’ve given to the Earth and all the people and animals you have touched both directly and indirectly.

Feel free to share my story.  God bless you more Val.

What you do MATTERS!


When we take time to communicate with the animals around us, it makes all the difference in the world. Not just to them but it helps make us better people.


I love hearing what you think, so be sure to post your comments.

Much love and big hugs to you and your beasties.

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Aaaw..what a nice thing you ended up doing for the squirrels. I’m sure they appreciated it 🙂 .

How neat that he was able to tune into the squirrel and understand what he was saying. And how cool that the squirrel tried to let him know what was going on. So they found a solution that saved his garden. What a great story!!

Thanks, Jeanine!! Yes, it’s a wonderful story and all true too. 😀

Val Heart

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