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All the Best Gear for Hours of Backyard Fun With Your Dog

Your dog is a savvy self-entertainer and an innovative mastermind. He knows how to beat boredom with a fun game of “chew the sofa” and fight apathy by playing keep-away with your shoes. If work, long commutes and other life responsibilities are causing your pooch to fend for himself, it’s time to take a break from your busy schedule. Enjoying some time outdoors will work wonders for both you and your pet. You don’t have to travel far to reconnect with your best friend. With the right toys, your own backyard can be your pet’s favorite playground.

Play Ball

If your dog loves to play fetch, chances are you have an endless supply of tennis balls awaiting their doom. Dogs and tennis balls have a long-standing history of fun, but one tough chomp is all it takes to make play time come to an end. Even if your pet manages to keep his ball intact, you’re left with a soggy and filthy mess.

Instead, treat your pet and yourself to hours of good clean fun. The Unbreakoball was made with the most rugged ball-playing enthusiasts in mind. Made of nontoxic high-density polyethylene plastic, this toy will not only survive a rigorous game of fetch, it’s also safe for your pooch to use as a chew toy. As an added benefit, the Unbreakoball is dishwasher-safe, which means no more slobbery messes to clean up.

Doggy Paddle

For water dogs, the end of pool season means nothing. Owners of golden retrievers, Labradors and water spaniels know this all too well. If your pooch believes in endless summers, make swim time both fun and safe with a pool ramp. Swim up ramps, like the Skamper Ramp from PoolProducts.com, makes it easy for pets to get in and out of the pool. Games of dive and fetch can last even longer now that your pet isn’t spending his energy trying to get out of the pool.

Laid-Back Pup

While you’re out enjoying a sunny afternoon, don’t leave your pet inside longing to be by your side. The midday sun can prove too hot for some pooches, however, so make sure you provide your four-legged friend with plenty of water and a chic and shady spot. Whether poolside or laying out on the lawn, a covered chaise lounger gives your pet the comforts of a soft bed and shade from the sun, while prevents him from having to lay on a hot surface.

Speed Chasers

Having a tough time keeping up with your pet’s endless energy? Tireless pups like Jack Russell terriers and border collies need sufficient exercise to remain happy and healthy. When a few rounds of fetch just won’t do the trick, let iFetch wear out your pup for you. Created for small to medium-sized pets, the iFetch automatically launches a ball up to 30 feet across the yard, ensuring your pooch will be challenged for a run. And when the weather gets too cold to play outside, you can simply bring the device indoors.


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