Activated Oxygen Therapy By Dr. Mark Newkirk

By Dr. Mark Newkirk Family of Veterinarians

Oxygen as you know, is the molecule that makes all life possible. What you may not know is that oxygen, when “activated” turns from the molecule 0-2 (oxygen) to 0-3 (ozone). This 3rd oxygen atom is very special and it does 2 things.

One, it puts “extra” oxygen in diseased, cancerous, inflammed or infected tissue. This increased oxygen greatly boosts the body’s healing power! Oxygen is the molecule from which all cellular energy and thus function and healing is derived. (remember your biology and chemistry classes, the mitochondria and ATP??!! Bet you never thought that would have some meaning for you!!!)

Second, the 3rd oxygen atom negatively affects abnormal cells, (such as cancer) and pathogens such as bacteria, yeast fungus and viruses. It does this by breaking through the outer “wall” that surrounds the abnormal cell or pathogen. NORMAL cells have a way of protecting themselves against this effect, thus normal cells get a boost of oxygen to help them heal, while abnormal cells and pathogens have their “wall” broken and die! Wow, what a therapy! Using oxygen!!

A special machine (which we now have) is required to take medical grade oxygen and activate it. The O – 3 molecule is stable for only short periods of time, which is why it does not occur in nature except in the upper atmosphere. Activated oxygen (ozone) is used in many cities nationwide to purify their water supply instead of chemicals such as chlorine, so its effectiveness is well documented.

So where can we use this? In most any resistant, or degenerative disease process. Cancer, non-antibiotic responsive infections, severe yeast infections of the skin and ears. Arthritis, colitis, or any other inflammatory condition. There are a variety of ways to administer activated oxygen and the number of treatments vary, depending on the condition we’re treating. Ironically, since activated oxygen is not a “recognized” therapy by the “legal powers” of veterinary medicine (neither is chiropractic in animals either by the way!!), a waiver of consent must be signed before we or other veterinarians can do this therapy.

We are very excited about adding this therapy in our quest to help pets who are severely ill or have been given no other chance. I recommend finding a vet in your immediate area that can offer this treatment option if you feel your animal would benefit.


To learn more about Dr. Mark Newkirk, his team and holistic veterinarian care visit http://www.newkirkfamilyveterinarians.com/.

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