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It’s so sad seeing our pooches sick because, unlike people, an animal can’t tell you what’s wrong or what to do to make them feel better. Keep your pet healthy by being aware of the symptoms of the most common dog health issues to ensure you know how to spot disease and illness right when it happens.


According to Washington State University, doggy vomit is the result of primary causes like diseases of the upper intestinal tract and stomach, and secondary or causes, which are other diseases in the body that cause “an accumulation of toxic substances in the blood.”

Sometimes dog owners will confuse vomit with regurgitation. Vomit is already digested contents, causing the animal to heave and produce a yellow fluid. Regurgitation is fairly passive, this is where not-yet processed foods are expelled from the animal.

Secondary causes include a number of diseases and scenarios from kidney and liver failure to the ingestion toxins like lead, insecticides and other chemicals. This is why it is so important to keep toxic chemicals out of pet’s reach and to always hire professionals like pest control by Orkin, who understand the dangers chemicals can have on pets.

Just like people, sometimes pets puke for unexplainable reasons. Simply, sometimes it just happens. It’s good to be safe and make a veterinarian appointment and get a check-up. But if vomiting persists and your pet appears to be in pain, aloof or abnormally tired you want to seek medical attention immediately.


Worms are parasites and, according to petmed.com, the most common types are roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and tapewormsonly roundworms and tapeworms are visible in a dog’s stool.

When a worm infestation is present, dogs will typically appear to be ill with symptoms such as dry hair, change in mood, weight loss, diarrhea and vomiting. Larvae can live dormant in a dog for some time undetected, so a stool sample is usually required to know which parasite is present.

Clean up dog feces regularly and watch dogs in dog parks as unclean areas can be sources for a dog to pick up worm larvae.

Take dogs to the veterinarian regularly, and always follow veterinarian instructions.


Robert J. Silver, DVM said in an article for The Bark Dog Magazine, that diarrhea is caused by a dietary problems or stress. Diarrhea itself is usually nothing to worry about, sometimes dogs eat things they shouldn’t. Although you do want to make sure that dogs do not have access to trash, litter boxes (if you also have a cat) and other possibly stomach trouble-causing things. If diarrhea lasts longer than 48 hours, see a doctor.

When diarrhea is mixed with other symptoms like black stool, blood in stool, loss of appetite, vomiting or signs of pain you will want to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Ear Infections

According to ASPCA, ear mites, trapped water, growing hair, a foreign object or tumor in the ear canal can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria or yeastwhich are the most common causes of ear infections in dogs. Dogs prone to allergies and floppy ears are more likely to get ear infections.

Incorrect ear cleaning, constant bathing and swimming can cause ear infections, as moisture and particles trapped in the ear canal can aid bacteria growth.

According to ASPCA, symptoms of an ear infection include:

  • Ear scratching
  • Odor in the ear
  • Brown, yellow or bloody discharge
  • Redness
  • Crusted or scabby skin near the ear
  • Swelling
  • Hair loss around the ear
  • Head shaking or head tilt
  • Not normal eye movements
  • Walking in circles
  • Loss of balance
  • Hearing loss

If these signs are present, it is probably best to have ears professionally checked by a veterinarian. To avoid ear infection regularly check and clean your dogs ears.

Watch This Video On How To Correctly Clean Your Dog’s Ear

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I was reading some tips about dogs health issue because i was worried about my dog, so in advance i want to secured his health and finally found your article, its good to know about this very helpful tips. Thanks for posting it.

I was reading some tips about dogs health issue because i was worried about my dog, so in advance i want to secured his health and finally found your article, its good to know about this very helpful tips. Thanks for posting it.

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