Your Animal Mirrors You – Find Out How

Barometers of Our Souls! Exploring the mysteries of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection

Did you know your animals often mirror you, your woundings, your illnesses, your imbalances?

This is the Hidden Secret that less than 2% of all animal lovers know anything about… the Deeper Truth to building a new level of communication and understanding with your animal companions! In this remarkable recorded live workshop, you’ll learn what you need to know about how your animal mirrors you — and what you can do about it.

 HorseandDogVanillaBackground331x222You or your animal – which one of you is the real cause of the problem – you need to find out.

It’s also possible that your pets are acting out. In which case, you should know that sometimes YOU are your pet’s biggest problem! Your animal partners are in many ways your best friends, the beings who know and love you better than anyone else.

Unfortunately, they also mirror (reflect and sponge up) your issues and woundings, reflecting your pain and anger, sponging your grief, sadness and dis-ease. When they get sick or act out with behavior that is inappropriate and even life threatening, they are asking for help, telling us that the load they are carrying for us is more than they can bear. 

In 90 minutes you’ll learn how your animal can mirror you, and discover things you can do to minimize it.

Our animals possess a lot of wisdom, and this is a fascinating insight into what our animals have to share with us, how they can help us change our lives — when we slow down and listen to them…This class includes tips on resolving problems, and answers to some of the most common questions I get…

These kinds of things happen all the time, and it’s important to be consciously aware of the pattern.


  • 6 different ways your animal mirrors you
  • 3 Meditative Techniques designed to deepen your connection with animals
  • How to know if the issue being acted out is Your Issue, not theirs
  • The Litmus Test that shows you if the issue is Theirs, not yours
  • 4 Exercises you can practice now with your own animal companions
  • How to expand your own ability to connect and communicate
  • Prepare you to be consciously aware of the spiritual role animals play
  • Teach you how to be more open to and considerate of the nature of the BodyMind Connection between you and your animals
  • Explore different ways of looking at problems and their resolutions
  • The #1 Key to assuring you and your animal friends have a good life together

With the Barometers of Our Souls workshop, you’ll receive:

  • The live, downloadable, unedited MP3 recording of all this exciting TeleSeminar
  •  Comes with a Handout to help you follow along, do the exercises with the class as you listen and learn
  • Plus you have the Option of receiving the Complete PDF Transcript of the training class that includes the stories, exercises, meditations, discussions, questions and answers

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