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Tribute to Robin Williams:  Exploring The Dark Underbelly of Despair

The recent loss of actor/celebrity/comedienne Robin Williams hit me especially hard.  I’ve suffered from manic depression and suicidal tendencies myself at times in my life.  I’ve been fortunate in that my obsessive and addictive tendencies have been manageable and channeled mostly into my work. 

The dark underbelly of despair can haunt us all at times.  Being intimately and personally familiar with this more painful part of our spiritual journey has taught me great compassion.  The tips, techniques and tools I’ve found that have helped me have become an intricate and profound part of my work to help animals and their people recover their balance when they are feeling lost, lonely and afraid too.   Like me and my work, most everything Robin did in his movies and performances was designed to uplift, to encourage us to think outside the box, to access the healing power of laughter, to use our creative imagination and to feel deeply.   You may wonder, what does this have to do with animal communication or animals in general?    It’s these precise qualities that we need to learn and master animal communication.  In honor of such a wonderful man, flaws and all, I found one of his most beautiful, eloquent and moving speeches.  This is excerpted from one of my favorite, life changing movies, The Dead Poets Society We absolutely must have passion and creativity in life – qualities Robin constantly demonstrated, role modeled and gifted to us in abundance. 

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