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What’s Next?

Cat_-_generic_cat_pic_phixr_000Send Tim the required information right now so he can get started.

In order to conduct your Animal Communication/Healing Consultation to the best of his ability, the following information is required. Tim cannot schedule and conduct your session until he receives the following information:

1) The name(s) of your animal(s)

2) A picture of your animal(s)

3) Your contact email address where you would prefer the results of the healing consultation to be sent if you have purchased a Reiki session.

4) Questions you would like Tim to answer in your session, or any health issues if he is performing a Reiki session. 

5) Tim will email you a list of times that he has available for a phone consultation, please email him back with the time that works best for you. Please know that if you wish to have a Reiki healing session, then Tim works best at night, and you do not need to be present on the phone for these sessions. Tim will be emailing you the results of the healing session the next day.

If you have purchased a consultation that needs to be held over the phone, Tim will email you the dial-in phone number.


Consultations are generally scheduled within 24 – 48 hours after receiving your payment.

Thank you again!

We’ll be in touch soon,


Tim Link, Senior Associate

Val Heart, Expert Animal Communicator

Val Heart & Friends LLC