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 Class 1, Part 1:

MP3 File

Class 1: The Foundation: It All Starts with Heart & Mind

 Class 1, Part 2:

MP3 File
 Class 2, Part 1:

MP3 File

Class 2: How to Know You Are Receiving Telepathic Thoughts

 Class 2, Part 2:

MP3 File
 Class 3, Part 1:

MP3 File

Class 3: Clearing Your Mind, Receiving Clear Messages and Deepening Your Connection

 Class 3, Part 2:

MP3 File
 Class 4, Part 1:

MP3 File

Class 4: Become One With Your Animal

 Class 4, Part 2:

MP3 File
 Class 5, Part 1:

MP3 File

Class 5: Mastering the Art of Conversations with Animals

 Class 5, Part 2:

MP3 File
 Class 6, Part 1:

MP3 File

Class 6: Group Communication Exercises With Animals

 Class 6, Part 2:

MP3 File
 Class 7, Part 1:

MP3 File

Class 7: Coaching Class Plus Q&A, More Tips and Group Exercises

Class 7, Part 2:

MP3 File


















































BONUS 1: Listen to a live consultation with Puttie the Dog and her owner 

MP3 File 

BONUS 2: Animal Communication Meditation and Exercises CD Recording:

MP3 File  

BONUS 3: Listen now to a previous Coaching Clinic!

See what it’s like to receive Val’s personal guidance with other beginning students. In fact, some of your questions may have been answered here already! 

MP3 File 

BONUS 4: TIPS Sheet Handouts 

Click here to download and view/print your handy Tips Sheet Handout (pocket version) for Enhancing Telepathic Communication With Animals (And All Life)

Click here to download and view/print Tips Sheet Handout (expanded version for reference) for Enhancing Telepathic Communication With Animals (and All Life)


BONUS 5: Membership in Heart’s Friends AnimalTalk Members Only Group. It’s important that you have an understanding of the basics before joining us in the student Group. Please listen to the first 3 Classes now. Then you’ll be all ready to come play with your fellow students! Check your inbox and your Workbook for the instructions on how to Apply to Join the Heart’s Friend’s AnimalTalk Members Only Group!


1)  Read Animal Talk by Penelope Smith 



2) Barometers of our Souls:  Exploring the Mysteries of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection! Learn The Hidden Secret that less than 2% of all animal lovers know anything about… the Deeper Truth to building a new level of communication and understanding with your animal companions!  It is recorded so you don’t have to wait for a class to take it.  CLICK HERE to find out more about it.


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