The H.E.A.R.T. System

The H.E.A.R.T. System For Solving Pet Problems


When You Apply the H.E.A.R.T. System™ to Understanding Your Animals, You can Stop the Expensive Guesswork That Can Empty Your Pocketbook… and May Wind Up Costing Your Pet Their Life

Valwithrightborderforleftjustify_002Taking the time to really understand your pet at a deep level invites their participation in solving problems, ensures their cooperation and helps you help them be happier, healthier and a lot more fun to be around.

A happy, healthy pet is well balanced in body, mind and spirit; is calm, interested and curious about their surroundings; is an easy keeper; is safe, friendly and easy to be around.

If your pet doesn’t fit in this description, then there is work to do.

The H.E.A.R.T. System™ for Solving Problems With Pets
A 5 Step System that works with every pet, every time.

H – Hear: The first step in solving any problem with any pet is to listen to them. We need to HEAR and understand your animal’s viewpoint. When they can tell you what’s important to them, if they’re in pain, or are confused… maybe they’ve suffered a traumatic experience you don’t know about or that they are having trouble finding peace with… When we take the time to HEAR them, they can tell us what they need.

E – Evaluate: Next we need to EVALUATE their body, their management and their training program. Not every management program works for every animal. We must know that their food, training and environment actually is exactly right for them and supports their well being and health.

A – Action Steps: After we’ve heard and understood what they have to say, and have evaluated their management to be sure it’s right for them and isn’t contributing to the problem, then we’re ready to identify and implement the ACTION steps needed to support them. Creating the performance of your dreams. solving training problems, improving their health and well-being, and synchronizing you and your animal so you can become one mind, in tune and connected at the heart.

R – Clear Resistance: Change often creates resistance because it can feel risky and can be emotionally charged. Emotions are not logical because they are often fear based and can take you outside your established ‘comfort zone’. If either you or your animal are afraid, either consciously or unconsciously, then nothing you do together will be safe or easy or work well until the RESISTANCE is Released.

T – Establish Trust:Everything you do with your animals revolves and centers on the foundation of Trust (or lack there of). If you’ve lost your animal’s respect, lied to them in some way, or didn’t follow through on a promise made… from their viewpoint you are out of integrity and are not to be trusted. If that’s true in your relationship, then we have work to do to reestablish trust.

The good news is that when you know how to listen, to respect and to communicate with your pet, this one thing goes a very long way in helping your animal decide they can trust you. And once TRUST is back as a foundational part of your relationship, your animal friend will love you for it, they’ll work that much harder to help you, and be even more forgiving of your mistakes.

Plus, when you’re linked at the mind and heart, everything you do together gets WAY easier, is a lot more fun, and becomes a joyful experience.

Because learning to HEAR your pet is the foundation for all the other steps, let me teach you more about that.

If you skip this step, then you’ll do a lot of expensive guesswork and will wind up
chasing your tail (which your pet may enjoy watching but I doubt that you will enjoy doing…).

As I like to say, “If you’re going in the wrong direction, more speed won’t help.”

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