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Wendy Millet

Wonderfully Healing Session – What a Gift!
Thank you so very very much for our private session last week. After losing Oso, my big giant bear of a dog a month ago, I needed to “talk” to him. Not only did I get to talk to him on the phone with you that day AND reconnect with him, which was wonderfully healing, but the night after our call, I had the most remarkable dream.

In my dream, a great big Tibetan Mastiff (TM) visited me. He looked a lot like Oso but wasn’t so I asked him who he was. He replied that he was the grandfather soul of Oso and all of the other TM’s. He was so very ancient and wise. He said he was checking on me. He wanted me to know Oso was off on his adventures far away exploring his new home and would be back. It was a lovely dream with a most magnificent grand dog spirit visiting me.

I felt touched and blessed and finally at peace. I am so grateful for your communication with animals and that you can share that with me. What a gift. Big hugs!

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