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Val Shows Me What’s Needed and How To Cope With Difficult Situations – Much Happier and Stronger Now

It has been my pleasure to work with Val for almost 13 years. At first, I wanted help bringing a new puppy into the family. We already had one puppy, and I wanted to make sure that they would get along. Her “read” on their personalities was right on, and helped tremendously.Ten years later, I consulted her to help with grief over the loss of the same dog. He had died suddenly, and both our surviving dog and I needed healing. It was a wonderful session for both of us.

Having had such a wonderful experience with Val and her ability to reach out and beyond to find answers, I turned to her again for help in my own life. For the past several years, there have been quite a few major events in my life that have left me feeling overwhelmed, depressed and unable to cope with everyday life on a level that was necessary.

I have been amazed at her ability to show me what was needed and what I could do to improve myself and the situations. Her “coping” advice was/is invaluable. I am a much happier person now, and much better armed to handle what comes my way. All the bad stuff has not gone away, but I am now so much stronger.

Val’s sweet ways and personality help smooth the way, not to mention her sense of humor. Our sessions, while sometimes difficult for me, are so rewarding and helpful. I am brighter, happier, and stronger with Val’s spoonful of sugar and her great wisdom and talents. Her Body Talk for animals and people healing work has been so helpful. I just cannot say enough about how wonderful she is!

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