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Val Heart Dog Whisperer Helps Overcome Difficulties at Painful Time of Transition

Dear Val, I wanted to thank you so much for your help last week. When I first contacted you, I was terrified of losing my forever friend, Dusty. Others kept telling me to put her down but that didn’t feel right, so we were in desperate need of clarity and advice. I was so afraid I would fail my dear friend by making the wrong decision at the wrong time to end her life. I couldn’t stop crying.Our session with you was so amazing, and by the end, I felt lighthearted and at peace again. Dusty had perked up and was happily wagging her tail with a joyful, loving look on her face.Since then, Dusty and I have had a wonderful week. We have bonded and connected so strongly and when I look at her now, I just love her SO much and am so grateful that she is still here.

I have still cried a few times, but not long and deep, and am mostly at peace and feel grateful and thankful for the love we share.

Dusty has been mostly comfortable and even happy at times. Today she actually wanted to go in the car and we took the 3 min. drive down to the marina, and she even hopped out of the car and walked around for a little while – something she hasn’t done in a couple of weeks.

So, today is an extra good day and I am happy and full of love. Thanks so much for your help – it completely shifted the energy.

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