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Turning Whoa Into GO Fantasy’s Story

Turning Fantasy’s WHOA into a GO

When I contacted Val, not quite two months ago, I had done all I knew to uncover the reasons behind my previously cooperative and sweet mare’s sour and balky behavior.  You know the drill: veterinary workups, chiropractor/acupuncture consult, check teeth, saddle fit, evaluate turnout/buddies, review feed/supplements, and consult with trainer and riding instructor. This process took a lot of time and money, yet Fantasy’s underlying balkiness and irritability were still there.

In addition to her puzzling balkiness, Fantasy just didn’t look happy.  It was as if she was just “going through the motions”. I felt like she wanted to tell me something, but that she had given up and was shutting down emotionally. We were in a vicious cycle of frustration with each other.  This was NOT the kind of relationship I wanted with my horse.  I felt like despite my best efforts, I was letting this horse, MY horse, down.

After one session with Val, I knew we were onto something.   I felt cautiously optimistic and was SO determined to help Fantasy that I decided to go for the Silver Plan of three more sessions. WOW. The insights and tools I got from Val, are transforming my relationship with my horse.  Since the sessions are recorded, I can review and practice as often as I need to (daily).

Within just a couple of weeks (seriously) my horse seemed happier, and I can now see that Fantasy’s determination to let me know “this is NOT working for me” has been a gift. Yesterday, we had the first willing upward transitions we’ve had in months!!! EVERY time there would have been a “NO” before, she gave me a relaxed “YES”.  It has taken a leap of faith to abandon what was NOT working and to utilize the tools Val has given me, but the results have been the irrefutable proof that Fantasy and I are now on the right track.

Louise Texada, Shreveport, LA, USA

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