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Tracy, Aries & Belle, Fenton, MI, USA

Problem Gelding Goes On To Win Regional Championships!

“Val Heart gave me such great advice and clarity for my life, helped me improve my health, and also made such a difference with my horse, Aries, that we swept into the dressage shows and won a whole pile of blue ribbons — in only 6 months! I can’t believe I was on the verge of selling Aries and giving up on him only a short while ago… now, we are excited to see each other and are winning almost every show we enter. We are both healthier, too, and that mystery lameness Aries had? Now I know where it’s coming from, what to do about it and what my contribution to the problem actually is. Awesome! Thanks, Val! I don’t want to know where we would be without you.”  — Tracy B. and Aries, 6 year old warmblood gelding, Fenton, MI

From Tracy B., January 7, 2009 – “I wanted to give you an update:  Belle is doing so much better, she is now acting like a very happy puppy! She loves to play ball and is happy to go for rides in the car, she is very well mannered and is such a delight.  When my Dad got her from that breeder in Texas and sent her to me, she was in such bad shape.  She could not seem to learn anything.  It was like she was in her own little world and I could not connect with her at all. I am so glad I hung in there.  She is a real treat now.

I also wanted to share with you our final overall for this past year.  Aires and I ended up getting the following:

UNITED STATES DRESSAGE FEDERATION: bronze medal, all breeds award- Adult Amateur 3rd level – reserve champion

UNITED STATES EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION: Leading breeder- Adult Amateur 3rd level champion

Performance Horse: National- Adult Amateur 3rd Level champion

AMERICAN WARMBLOOD SOCIETY: 3rd level Adult Amateur – reserve champion

MIDWEST DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION: Adult Amateur 3rd level year end- 3rd place

WATERLOO DRESSAGE SERIES: Adult Amateur 3rd level champion

Aries is doing well and much better, not sure if we are gonna move up to fourth level this year or not.  I prefer to wait until he has developed the strength.  He is still struggling some with a few movements, so we may just do 3rd again this year, which is fine for me.  I am just so happy to have him and get to enjoy him.  Lots of Love!”

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