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Schnauzer Conquers Severe Anxiety

We started working with Val for our miniature schnauzer, Heidi. Heidi had severe anxiety during thunderstorms and more importantly serious biting problems. From a young age she snapped at strangers and occasionally us, and we were very worried about her attacking children. It was getting to the point of questioning whether we still wanted to keep her. This was very distressing, because we are very attached to her.

Also, walking with Heidi had become a nightmare — extremely stressful for all of us until we dreaded taking her out! If she saw another person or dog, she’d go nuts and we were terrified she’d get in a bad fight. Now, our walks are uneventful — which means Good! After we worked with Val, we went out and encountered a daschund that day. Heidi ran about half way to her, then stopped and turned around to come back to us! So it went very well, just like we’d asked her to do.

Through Val communicating with Heidi and helping us communicate better with her, things have vastly improved. We have all been able to relax more. And, Heidi’s back and neck problems have also greatly improved. The best part is beginning to be able to love and accept her as an important part of our family again.” ~ Steven and Bridgett Huser, LaGrange, TX

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