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Success! Val is Brilliant, Lovely, Warm and Incredibly Helpful

Why did I decide to work with Val? I have one word for you — SUCCESS! No sooner had I agreed to my commitment with Val Heart, Animal Communicator Coach & Business Mentor extraordinaire (lovingly laughing), I immediately received more client phone calls. The world often sees us as operating in a gray area of society and business although we may see ourselves walking in the LIGHT. We do it to ourselves by walking with one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the physical world and not shining as brightly in the physical world as we truly are in our spiritual world. We might be really comfortable in the spiritual world and not so much in the physical one… THIS is where Val Heart comes in and shows her brilliance at helping, guiding and encouraging us to be solid and shining equally in both worlds. She is a lovely warm soul armed with pointy questions that encourage and allow you to develop into everything you choose to be. My advice to you: take your personal limitations off and reach for the moon with your business. If that is what you want, Val Heart will be right there with you to guide the way. ~ Stephanie L. Brown, PhD, professional animal communicator

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