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Horse Overcomes Illness to Compete Again!

“From Sarah Griffith, SKG Dressage, Aug 2007:  “I can’t believe that only a year ago, my 20 year old Grand Prix Dressage horse, Libero, was terribly ill. Even though the vets couldn’t figure out what the problem was, he was so sick they wanted me to put him down. It was touch and go there for a while, and when I contacted you, I was a mess. You helped us communicate with each other, and Libero told you how he was feeling, where the pain was coming from, and that he wasn’t ready to leave yet! That gave me the hope I needed to keep going and not give up. The vets thought his career was over but Libero didn’t agree with them. Thank God I listened to you. Now, against ALL odds, Libero and I are back in training, working towards completing our titles. We are actually showing again! I can’t thank you enough, Val.”

From Sarah, Feb 2008:  “Hi Val! I have some new info.  Libero was in a special ultrasound clinic this weekend as a test subject.  Lets just say he was the talk of the clinic and not because the joint looked so perfect.  They do not know why or how he is sound!  His joint has so many problems.  But I am about to leave for a horse show with my trainer telling me I am going to kick some ass!  The vets only comment was that Libero loves what he does so much he is willing to work through the pain!  I can give you a more scientific account of this but I have to look in my notes for the correct words.  I really feel like I have been through a magical experience with you and my horse!

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