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Resolving Dog’s Long Held Pain and Behavior Issues

My husband and I first started using Val’s services to help us with our dogs, Heidi and Speedy. Heidi was aggressive and unpredictable, and Speedy was all over the place! We used to dread taking them on walks, and they barked at strangers and family alike. Heidi had bitten several people and I was a bit afraid of her. Their aggression seemed to be escalating and we didn’t know what to do. We never knew what would set them off, and lived in fear that they’d bite someone or get in a fight with another dog. She taught us so much in a short amount of time! They became really well behaved and reliable. We actually looked forward to going for a walk with them! That was amazing and something we never thought would happen! And as we learned to communicate with our dogs ourselves, things got easier and easier.

Then I got pregnant with our first child. Val’s healing work and gentle therapies helped me have an easy pregnancy and delivery. It was fascinating when the dogs told us things about the baby as it was growing inside me.

Since Heidi had never been comfortable around children, we were terribly afraid of what she might do when we brought our baby home. Val worked with us, helping us all build our confidence as we learned how to give Heidi good clear signals and support, and Speedy more direction about what we wanted her to do. It turned out that when we brought Luke home, it was a non-event! We’d never have believed it possible before.

I’m sad to say that Heidi’s difficult personality and chronic pain issues got the best of her, and we decided to do the compassionate and safe thing for all of us. With heavy hearts, we wound up putting her down last spring. We know we did the right thing by her and our growing family. And after talking with Heidi through Val, we know that Heidi is fine now too, and is happily watching out for us in spirit.

I also decided to work with Val on some personal issues and I’m thrilled to report what’s happened. We’ve worked through some marital issues and now my husband and I are closer than ever before! I’ve also suffered with a long time addiction to cake and sweets that began in college. And in our last session, Val helped me bust the addiction! Before, I couldn’t stop eating until it was all gone and I’d find myself taking frequent trips to the bakery for more. I even confess I had taken to hiding sweets and would “plot” how I could get seconds or thirds at a party and no one notice. I knew it was time to get help.

Now, things are going really well with limiting sweets. I was really proud of my self during the holidays as Steven and I split a piece of pie and it did not even taste that good! Thank you for all of your help and we hope you have a Happy Holidays!

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