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Strange Horse Behavior Solved!

I called Val to work with my horse who was acting strange and I was worried about him. When she asked him how he felt, he told her that he had a headache.  She asked him to tell me more about that and he showed me an image of himself prancing and dancing around his 10 acre pasture with an orange construction cone clenched between his teeth.  Which he totally does, all the time!  Amazing.

He showed her that he enjoyed throwing the cones at his pasture mates (a mule, a paint horse, and 2 longhorns – none of whom found his antics funny in the least). He’d dunk them in his water trough, and hurl them into the neighbors field… All totally true.  And one day, he said, it finally all come undone.

Apparently he’d gotten a little too vigorous tossing his head with it, because the rubber started tearing. And on that last big upswing it tore in half and the heavy end beaned him right in the middle of his forehead.

He told us it hit him so hard that he saw stars (like a cartoon!) and stood there dazed, with the remaining bit of orange rubber dangling from his mouth. And his head had hurt ever since. Mystery solved.  I never would have known, but that makes complete sense.  He asked for a head massage, and now is back to normal. – Bonnie Shriver, Boerne, TX

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