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Medical Intuitive, Holistic Healing Plus Animal Communication Are Invaluable for Preventative Care, Maintenance as well as Crisis Work

I have used Animal Communicators regularly over the years. With Val you are getting more than an Animal Communicator. You are also getting an Animal/Medical Intuitive.

As I have learned, when it comes to one’s body, animals are very much like humans. Some are very in touch with their bodies and can say what’s wrong while others can’t. As my (other) animal communicator says “my information is only as good as your pets convey.” However, with Val, she can also deeper by tuning into the organ and systems in question and intuit what’s wrong.

It is invaluable to have that input in addition to your Vet for both preventive measures as well as during a medical crisis. Val has been an amazing friend to me and my four legged Hans.

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