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Lina W.

Mystery Unhappiness and Chronic Lameness Resolved & Problem Show Hunter/Jumper Turned Around!

Your work with Slim has been fantastic. After a cross-country move I could tell she just wasn’t happy. I gave you a try because nothing else was helping. You were amazing and now she is so much happier, back to her normal self. And you helped address her ongoing lameness issues. I look forward to our talks like I would a dinner party or special holiday!

After your great work with Slim – you helped me find a show horse for hunters. Since I am learning jumping – I needed a very good-minded horse. We “visited” with several horses before finding Cory. She was a surprise and has been a treasured gift.

She wasn’t a sweet horse or suitable for beginners but your conversations with her made it a lot easier to give her a try. She keeps surprising everyone with her willingness to put up with my amateur mistakes and her depth of character – she tries her best and always gives me 100 %.

People who see her now assume she was misunderstood, or that she likes us better, but in my heart I know this turnaround is due to you. She is such a snuggler now and loves attention. And we’re   competing together, and doing really well!”

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