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Aggressive Attack Cat Now Polite and Well Mannered!

“I want to let you know the update on my cat, Kitty. You may remember our session a few months ago. The subject was Kitty’s aggressive and inappropriate behavior.

Well, since this session, Kitty has changed quite a bit. Now she always comes and politely asks for permit to jump on my lap and when I tell her, I’m not ready yet, but I will let her know when it’s ok, she will lay down and wait.

Not once has she made a surprise attack spilling my tea or whatever I was eating or drinking. As soon as I call her and tell her it’s ok now to come, she runs towards me, jumps on my lap and straight onto my chest wrapping her paws around my neck and pushing her head under my chin. When she had enough attention, she still starts her “war howl”, but she stopped biting and scratching. She simply howls and jumps down.

It makes really a big difference, if you can eat and drink in peace and quiet without constantly being on the watch, if this little monster plans one of her “jump-and-hit” attacks.” ~ Klaudia Schmidt, Cyprus

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