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Kathi McKnight, Master Graphologist

Helping Cat With Emotional Upset Over Owner’s Travels

“When I met Val, we were both at a New York Publicity Summit and had signed up to be roommates. We both knew we weren’t meeting by chance alone. I loved that her last name was Heart and soon found out she was all that. Although we became friends, we also used each others services. One of my beloved cats was troubled and having a hard time with my leaving when I went on trips. Val did a session for him with me over the phone and I literally saw him transform during the session while we were on the phone together. It was positively uncanny how she helped him release a pocket of worry. I witnessed something definitely transpiring. In a way I’d never seen him act before, it was like he got rid of an emotional hairball then he acted as silly and loving as a young kitten without a care in the world. It was astounding to see this happen at the exact time she was doing her work. I’ve known a lot of psychics and readers and healers in my time and Val is the real deal. He became so much more carefree after that. She has a gift as big as her “Heart.”

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