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Cat and Owner Can Finally Live Together in Harmony Again!

I didn’t think anything could help and I was at the end of my rope, ready to give my cat away. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

In just one session, Val changed my relationship with my cat from one of long standing frustration, constant upset, love-hate — to one of effortless joy! Val listened to my grief and frustration with my life and my pet. She spoke loving truth, taught me new behaviors and skills, practiced them with me, and what happened next was utterly miraculous! Everything we practiced came to pass. My sleepless nights are over! I now have a cat who loves and adores me, and whom I love and adore.

We are working together now, enjoying ourselves. I can’t wait to experience what Val will do with my life in human relationships. She really can hear the heart and soul of relationships. She hears the deep message of the heart and responds to it with love and peace, understanding and compassion, and for me has transformed my pain and frustration to joy and loveliness. Miracles really can happen!” Janice Dean, Actress and Acting Coach, San Antonio, Texas

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