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From Immeasurable Grief to Reconnection and Peace

Before my session with Val I was still filled with immeasurable grief experienced with the loss of my forever dog, Kalik. Even though it had been six months since his transition into spirit, I had trouble connecting with him and still was feeling empty and without purpose not having him beside me in physical form. I had lost all interest in moving forward in life, as he was my reason for being.

My search for answers, peace and closure led me on a journey that brought me in touch with Val and the wonderful world of animal communication.

During my session, Val helped me work though the grief, connect with my special dog and talk to him through her. She helped me to address my concerns and worries about him during his illness, and in the after life, and to know that he was happy and still with me in spirit.

Val helped me to learn how to further deepen my relationship with him.

With Val’s help I was able to remove the barriers that kept me from connecting with Kalik and to finally know and feel he is still with me. During the session, I could feel Kalik’s joyful energy and spirit surrounding me, and I was able to release the crippling grief that kept me from moving forward…my session with Val was truly life changing.

I still miss Kalik’s physical presence of course, but I now feel connected with him in spirit and I know he is there beside me guiding me on my path. I feel capable now of continuing on, knowing we have a spiritual journey together ahead of us.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Val’s guidance and assistance. I would recommend Val’s work to anyone who is experiencing the enormous grief that engulfs us when it is time for our animal companions to continue on their spiritual journey.

I only wish I hadn’t taken so long to schedule my session with her because the agony I was going through could have been lessened by addressing things sooner. Val can really help!

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