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From Fighting Biting Dogs to Bragging Rights

Hi Val, I just have to brag about our dogs Roxie and Gypsy today.

As you’ll remember, when my husband and I first contacted you for help, it was because our dogs were becoming aggressively dangerous.

We’d tried a number of things to resolve the problems, but it was getting worse. We were worried we might have to put one of our dear dogs down if we couldn’t find the solution quick.

They’d go insane barking and trying to attack when anyone came over. That would escalate into bloody fights and bites, bloodying them and us when we tried to stop them.

Well, I am delighted to report that we had the UPS guy drop off a box on our front porch this afternoon. I asked Gypsy and then Roxie to go to their “place” and they both did (Roxie needed a bit of encouragement).

I then opened the door, brought in the box, and set it on the floor. In the mean time, they are both just sitting on their “place”.

I asked Gypsy to “come” to sniff the box, which she did and walked away.

I then asked Roxie to “come” to sniff the box, and she did. Without any barking or anxiety this whole time!!

I know it sounds like a small thing, but I was so proud of my little girls!

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