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Finding Closure After the Loss of Their Puppy

On behalf of my daughter and myself we would like to say how incredibly impressed we were with Val’s God-given ability to communicate with our one year old puppy who died of mysterious causes. Clark had two bouts of very serious illness within a 5 week period that shut down his kidneys. After taking him to our beloved Vet and an Internist, they could not find the cause of his illness. He ended up in the Pet Emergency room and died hours later.

We were both saddened by this tragedy and what made it so much worse is that we didn’t know if it was something we could have prevented.While attending a church class, I was telling someone in the class about our dilemma.

It was then that Val’s name came up. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, we scheduled a reading with her. The reading we had was so incredibly powerful. Val was able to get in touch with our puppy and get some definitive answers even the autopsy didn’t show.

In addition to getting the health answer we were looking for, we received some very comforting information as well. Val is a very kind sweet lady with an amazing gift. I would recommend her services to anyone who has lost a pet or anyone who would like information about their existing pet. Her knowledge and insight are amazing.

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