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Dog Whispering and BodyTalk for Animals Healing Helped Relieve Grand Mal Seizures

During the past few months I have been amazed – truly astounded – to learn how effective acupressure (AP) can be for my wonderful agility dog, Deli.

She has a history of multiple Grand Mal seizures, usually in clusters of 3, every few weeks. (Her breathing was once interrupted for so long I feared she would go into respiratory arrest!)

Deli’s holistic vet suggested I try applying acupressure, in hopes of helping her through the post-ictal drunken stupor. To my surprise and delight, it did seem that her post-ictal confusion was shortened, in fact, it almost disappeared. But that’s only the half of it!

I have now documented 14 seizures being offset by AP. Do I believe it possible for acupressure to stop a seizure? My answer has to be a resounding, “Yes!”

For me, final proof came thanks to an incredible event one night when a second seizure tried to follow a Grand Mal that had left her body only moments before. She was still unconscious – a second seizure would represent her first “cluster” event in over a year. I was frantic not wanting her to suffer the terrible cluster activity.

For 25 minutes I did AP, refusing to give up even when her head dropped and her neck muscles slowly contracted causing her head to begin an ugly twist to one side… I continued the AP, over, and over, and over…until, incredibly, and ever-so-slowly, the muscle spasm softened, then seeped away to nothing. No seizure occurred. How wonderful was that!

If I was once a skeptic, I’m not any longer. I think it is absolutely amazing. Even if your animal doesn’t have seizures like my Deli, this is such a wonderful, gentle tool we can all learn to use to help relieve stress, illness and pain.

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