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Dog Whisperer Reveals That My Aggressive Dog Was Mirroring Owner’s Behavior

Over the last four years in working with you, I have learned that in order to help my Shetland Sheepdog, Kati, I must first look within myself and heal the imbalances in my thinking, feeling, and physical self.

Kati was mostly a reflection or mirror of what was going on inside of me. If I was afraid or angry, Kati would react with barking and fear/aggression behaviors. If I was ambivalent or frustrated because I was unsure of my inner strength, Kati would test the limits.

With your help, Val, I was able to see what I was doing instead of thinking I needed to fix her. You gave me clear directions and encouraged me to experiment with different behaviors. You helped me balance my emotions, calming myself first so that Kati can be calm.

Our walks are more pleasant, she calms down when I ask her to, and she alerts me when it’s necessary.

My relationship with Kati has reached a level beyond simple obedience training. You’ve made it possible for us to experience a sweet cooperation that will only grow richer.

Thank you again.

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