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Dog Overcomes Pain Problems Through the Help of Val Heart, Dog Whisperer!

As an accountant and very much a “show me how this works” person, I was admittedly skeptical about working with an animal communicator. Then to find out you wouldn’t be meeting us in person where I could really SEE you actually communicating with Jake? I thought “This is crazy!

Fortunately for Jake, I was motivated enough to understand his pain and what was causing it, that I moved forward with working with you to get some answers. And that is exactly what we got!

You were able to connect to Jake telepathically and “talk” to him about the level of pain, where it was coming from, what activities were causing it and making it better or worse and then explain to him why he needed to change his behavior to avoid hurting himself. WHICH HE DID!!!

That’s when I knew this was really “working”! In addition, I found out that he was interested in getting a second dog and what he would like in a companion. Four weeks later, we had our perfect match and Jake & Jenny are like peas and carrots.

Had I not gotten Jake’s “input” to finding a second dog, we would have ended up with a very different situation. You have been incredibly helpful in helping me understand what was going on with Jake so we could take the right steps forward in healing his hips and back.

With a little “blind faith” and being open to something that doesn’t necessarily make logical sense, we found some great answers from my pets that will go a long way in understanding them. And enjoyed a few comical surprises along the way as well!

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