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Val is a Wealth of Information! She Helped Me Move Through Blocks and Stuck Spots and Fears

Why do I recommend Val’s Go Pro Professional Animal Communicator Business Building Program?  First of all, Val is just a wealth of information on marketing, advertising, setting up your online business and all of the many details that are involved in these enterprises.  She also has endless ideas for each student, specifically, to help them create what they want for their business.  And she will give you tips to improve what you are currently doing to make it better.  Second, this Program is designed from the inside out and gives you the opportunity to look at where you might be blocking your own success.  Val teaches you how to move through these blocks and have the right mindset to create a solid foundation for a successful business.  And finally, its a safe place to try out your ideas, talk about your doubts, and fears, and just let yourself be vulnerable.  It can be scary putting yourself out there to the world and this Program gives you a safety net to try things out first, fine tune and work out the kinks within a supportive and nurturing environment.  So now I have a direction to take my business and I have a better understanding of how to market, advertise successfully, really engage people and bring them in.  I’m so excited to move my business forward to the next level!!!  ~ Debora Poynter, professional animal communicator

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