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Dangerous Stallion Now Cooperating With New Owner

Before my session with Val, I was struggling, afraid and very concerned about my new American Saddlebred stallion “The Knight’s Image”. Image bit, kicked and tried to hurt people working around him. He was very dangerous and we couldn’t even clean his stall safely. I felt like Image would never calm down and allow me to handle him.

Val helped me find out why he was acting this way and what I could do to help him. Among other things, I found out that he did not want to hurt me and that he wanted out of his stall where he’d been confined for his bad behavior. We explained why he was being kept there and was not allowed to be turned out like the others.

Val talked to Image and told him that if he wanted to go outside to play, he would have to allow me to put on his new halter by lowering his head and calming down, acting respectful. Previously, he refused to lower his head for me or anyone including his trainer, so I was really skeptical that he would cooperate.

I was amazed! I stood at his stall and had his halter in my hand just like Val had coached us, and he lowered his head for me! He then calmly let me walk him to the indoor arena and when I asked him to park out, he did. Then I let him run and boy, did he! He had a great time, and when it was time to come back in, he also cooperated beautifully.

I am so happy to have worked with Val with this horse. I feel that now I understand him better and we can work together.

I would highly recommend working with Val if anyone should have a problem with their horses, dogs or cats. Val is very kind and caring and accurate! She really does talk to the animals!

I also think that when you do a session with Val that it demonstrates to your animals that you are trying to help them. It shows trust and caring on our parts to connect and communicate so we can help our animals be happy and healthy!

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