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Carrie S., Austin, Texas

Dog Regains Health

“Three and a half months ago I was devastated with the news that my sweet, loving little dog had advanced liver disease. Armed with nothing but a prescription for antibiotics and Denisile and a “wait to see what happens” from the vet I read everything i could get my hands on from the Internet and ordered in all probably $1,000 worth of supplements, ebooks and found my self shopping for the best quality of anything I thought Willy might be able to eat and keep down.

After 45 days Willy seemed to be improving remarkably. I live in a heavily mosquito infested area and since Willy had already skipped one month of heart wormer, I gave him his dose and he crashed three days later. The vomiting, jaundice etc. were back and we were at square one again only the vet didn’t seem to think that the heart wormer was to blame.

Willy was begging for the worst kinds of food (cheese and ham) and he started to swell with ascites. He got so big and uncomfortable and i thought we were losing the battle. In my researching the Internet i saw Val Hearts site and contacted her for an appointment.

At the time I was irritated at her fee and in the back of my mind thought about cancelling it. The following week in my work, the new clients I attracted seemed to want me to work for a lot less than I was worth so I recognized this as a message from the universe and started to open my mind about the price. While waiting for her consultation my little dog started having tremors and couldn’t walk and it was so heart breaking I decided upon rising one day to have him euthanized when I got home from work. i called Val and left her a message telling her this and she called me back within an hour and asked me to consider waiting if I could until after her session which was 4 days away. When I got home, Willy greeted me with so much enthusiasm, I knew Val was right and we scheduled an ultrasound from an internal specialist for the next week.

Our session came and it was so beautiful and profound it is hard to put into words. Val communicates with animals from the highest possible place…she touches the sacred place in beings and heals from this place Willy had allot to say about the purpose and reason for his illness and how i could heal him. Being able to communicate to him so precisely enabled me to see him as the high spiritual being he truly is and in thus doing he started to heal himself in the session. He said that the something that was twisting in his stomach was unwinding and that he was already feeling the pressure release.

During this session, Val applied healing to every being in my household and gave a rating on what Willy was taking and eating as to what was most beneficial and least beneficial. 36 hours later Willy’s fluid build up was totally and completely gone. The Dr. giving the ultra-sound (3 days later) said there was NO fluid in his abdomen and that what ever was causing the the disease was gone, she said that she would even call it a miracle.

In retrospect, if someone I know is in trouble, before I do anything I will call Val, for my animals, for my Grandsons, for myself. i have recommended her to anyone I think might be open to listen. I will gladly pay her fee and gloat at the money i have saved on dangerous surgeries, medications etc. I am so thankful for Val Hearts gifts and talents and I can contest that she is indeed a Master Healer.”

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