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Barbara B., Loneview, WA

Fighting Pack of Dogs Now Calm

You started me on a new path and a week later my formerly fractious pack is sitting here around me calmly.  No one is fighting, they are not growling at each other constantly, they do not bark all the time anymore, and they are happy to listen to and obey me.  It seems like a miracle but it is not, just the results of listening to someone who really knows what she is talking about and can communicate that effectively to others. Communicating with understanding really is the key.

It is interesting to note that all I have to do now is think about us all sitting here talking to you and they calm right down LOL!  They are responding very very well.  The changes you suggested are proving very effective and their behavior and manners have changed dramatically and quickly.

Given what they told us about throwing up and how they were feeling, I changed their food immediately. Lou is much better and has not thrown up since.  They even act like the new remedies and foods are a Huge Treat!  LOL  Think that I am saving money with their new diet too but have not done the cost analysis yet!

Winch is MUCH better.  I treated him for pain like we talked about, and the next morning he woke up DIFFERENT.  His eyes were bright and wide, I never noticed that the poor thing was squinting in pain because it came on gradually!  Feel bad, but it is fixed now.  He is totally changed and romps and plays some now, much perkier. THANK YOU.

Val, it was really great working with you.  I think it was a great value, and cost effective considering all the input I got and how well they’re responding now.  Thanks again for everything, and please take care.

Love & hugs.”

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