Preparing for your session with Val

Please read this page and the FAQscarefully.

If you’re feeling nervous about your session, sometimes just browsing this page can be helpful to restore peace and clarity.

General Info

Sessions are scheduled in the Central Time Zone and are between 30 minutes to an hour or more in length. Val calls all clients in North America unless another arrangement has been made (such as Skype). Clients located outside North America must call Val at their own expense or use Skype (audio only – not video). Please provide us with your Skype ID a minimum of 72 business hours prior to your session. Please do not plan to use speaker phone due to call quality problems. Please only choose Skype if you do not have access to another option as Skype calls are notoriously bad in quality.

Recording Sessions

If you would like to record your session with Val, you are responsible for either paying her for the time involved to create and send it to you.  Optionally, you can make one of your own.   Digital Session recordings are provided via email within 48 hours after your session

TIP:  If you’d like to use a free recording site (we recommend over the more popular because of ease of use), then you may sign up for their service.  You’ll be given a free conference call number and access code.  Remember to email us the call-in number and participant access code at least 48-business hours prior to your session though! This free service is now available to many countries outside of the US and Canada so please check to see if your country is part of the expanded service area. If you are located outside of the US and Canada be sure to provide us with the US number for the call, not the international number you are given at registration.  Also be sure to familiarize yourself with the teleconference commands so you know how to start and stop recordings. Val is not responsible for any recording issues on your end.

Session Preparation

Note:  All Sessions may include animal communication, healing, management review, performance evaluation, animal training & coaching, working with multiple animals, personal coaching and intuitive guidance.  We work by order of priority, depending entirely on what you (and your pet) most needs at that time.

Please know that your session begins when you make your commitment to this process, and that things will begin to change for you. Many people also see change in their animals as well — that’s normal. It means that you and your animals are beginning to make the exciting fundamental changes necessary to realign you with your heart’s desire and goals.

For the most successful sessions, it is best to be prepared with the questions you would like to ask.  Pay attention to what happens in your life and with your animals prior to your session as you’ll find that the “subjects” to talk about become obvious. Often things come to a head or “explode” just in time for your appointment. Your spiritual guides are ensuring an awareness of exactly what to address in the session. Spend some time writing out questions and have your list ready for the beginning of the session in addition to pen and paper for note taking.

You’ll be asked to fill out Val’s Human Animal BodyMind Assessment and Evaluation Questionnaires, one for you and one for each of your animal(s).  You’ll also be asked to email Val a photo of your animal(s).

It’s always helpful to prepare your pet beforehand whenever possible. Let your pet know that “Val will be talking with you on [Saturday].” This allows the pet time to get ready and also opens up a channel of communication between you and your pet that may not have been activated before. Animals prepared in this way usually open to this form of communication with a human more easily, which, in turn, allows for more conversation to take place during the session. Your pet does not have to be present during the session – nor does he or she even have to be awake.

Please have paper and pen ready to write down any remedies, assignments or other important pieces that come up during the session (or you can record the session – see above).

Emergency Sessions

If you’re interested in an emergency session, please email Val’s office and use the subject line “Emergency Session” and a brief description of your situation.  Val’s schedule is very full.  Although we try our best, all Emergency Session requests simply cannot be honored.  If possible, we may be able to offer a recommendation or referral to someone else who can help you in a timely manner.

To Cancel or Change a Private Session

To reschedule an existing appointment, please call us at (210) 860-7713. We have a strict 48 business-hour change policy so that we have time to offer your time to someone else who needs it from our wait list. At that time, a session can be re-booked to a new date providing you adhere to the 48 business hour change policy.

Please realize that your scheduled appointment purchases my time.  If you don’t show up, show up more than 15 minutes late or don’t give me enough notice to reschedule your appointment, you still owe me for my time and will forfeit the full fee for the service.  If you invested in a block of time, then the missed session will be applied as one of your hourly appointments. There are no refunds available for no shows or late shows.

If you need to cancel an existing appointment that you have paid for, please contact us by email or at (210) 860-7713.  We have a strict 72 business hour cancellation policy.  You will be refunded the session fee minus $100 for processing as long as you adhered to the 72 business hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel outside of our guidelines, you will forfeit the entire session fee.