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Oh No my partner is allergic to my dog! What do I do

Everything is going well. You guys are ready to take the plunge and go for cohabitation. Proper planning from bills, expenses, contribution, and responsibility are discussed up front. One week after moving in, she dropped the bomb about her allergies to your dog.

What can you do? Do you have to choose between her and the dog? One is the love of your life and one is your best friend for ages.

Thankfully, there is help!

Are you certain it is pet allergy?

First thing first, set an appointment with a certified allergist to confirm if is true. She could be allergic to other things like mold, pollen, or even dust. Most allergies will have similar symptoms like running nose, red eyes or itchy skin. She might experience the “signs” from repeated allergens rather from your cuddly dog.

Vacuum thoroughly whenever you can

pet allergiesSo it’s confirmed. She is indeed allergic to your dog or more specifically, pet dander. The best thing you can do is vacuum the whole house thoroughly to pick up any dust, pet hair and dander from the ground. Do it daily or at least twice a week. While you’re at it, an air purifier would capture the stirred up pet hair and save you the time from re-vacuuming the same spot.

Get a HEPA air purifier

Speaking of air purifier, it is the key factor deciding how inhabitable your home will be. An air purifier will make sure airborne dust, hair, and dander will be trapped before she inhales to any of it. There are many types of air purifier in the market and not all of them are created equal. Choose a pet air purifier with HEPA filter that is designed to target pet allergens and odors. Also, make sure there is enough purifying range to cover an entire room. Lastly, leave it running 24×7 and replace the filter once it reaches the end of its life cycle. 

Groom your dog every day

Dog shed every day. the fallen hair will be all over the place if you don’t groom them away. Use a soft-bristled brush and start brushing away all the hair along with the skin flakes attached to it. Preferably do the grooming outside or in an open-space area. This would be your future task for the rest of your life (or at least till her allergies go away). 

Bathe your dog regularly 

A controversial option because studies show no signs of improvement with allergies, but here’s the thing. What we are certain about is that bathing will wash away all the pet dander and germ on your dog. Bathe your dog at least twice a month depending on how dirty he is. Again, this is your regular doggie caretaker task.  And her immune system would not allow her to lather up with Poochie.

Set boundaries where your dog is allowed to 

pet allergies

This means the dog cannot sit on a couch, bed or sofa as pet hair is very clingy to upholstery. Closed all bedroom door but do not cage him as dog needs activity space. If possible, consider letting your dog stay outside to minimize in in-flowing allergens.

Go for Immunotherapy (allergy shot)

Immunotherapy is a treatment option that would boost our body immune system. She will be injected with small doses of allergen every week or so and progressively less for 3-5 years. Her body’s defense would be more tolerable to pet allergens over time. For a quick reliever, ask her doctor to prescribe some allergy medication. Those “magic” pills will help reduce the inflammation area and free up her breathing airway. 

Ask her to try homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicine is a powerful yet gentle method of augmenting a person’s own immune and defense system. It is a very sophisticated method of individualizing treatment, and it is a tried and true method for healing people who experience a wide range of acute, chronic, and even hereditary ailments.  The key here is to get the right remedy.  There are different remedies designed to help with pet allergies and are well worth a try. 

BodyTalk Healing for Pets and People can also help

Allergies are a symptom of imbalance and over-reaction within the body. When we rebalance the entire BodyMindSpirit, we can fine tune and optimize the body’s functioning to eliminate the allergy altogether.  This extraordinary alternative healing technique is one of the fastest growing, most powerful therapies out there, as it should be.  Click here to find out more 

There is also food diet, exercise or the use of hypoallergenic products that we did not touch on as it is less significant. If none of the above methods help in alleviating her allergies, be patient and try again on another day. Keep the faith and remember, there is still the possibility that she might outgrow it.


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I would say get a new partner but that’s just a joke. It looks like you got some good tips here. My friend in Victoria BC had a similar problem with a cat and she ended up giving the cat to a friend of the family so she could visit it often.

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