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Lost and Missing Animal? If your much-loved furrkid is lost or missing, you need to take action now! We can help.


Tim is our Senior Associate who does excellent work for Lost and Missing Animals.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Tim. Tim is profoundly gifted in helping find lost and missing animals.

How it Works – Lost Animal Consultationtimwborder

A Lost Animal Consultation includes one round of map dowsing and one in-depth communication session with your lost animal companion that is completed within 24 – 48 hours after receiving your payment and information. Information is shared through email, unless it is determined that your animal companion has made his or her transition or, if the information that is received needs your immediate attention, in which case, you will receive a telephone call.



DogforlostandmissingpageSo you have the information in printable form to take with you to conduct your search, the information that is provided to you will be via email.

This includes the information that is shared from the communication with your lost animal, results of the map dowsing session, and a copy of the map with push pin indicators as to where your animal companion’s energy is the strongest. While map dowsing is relatively accurate, an exact address is rarely found but rather a location (or locations) to focus on.

A Lost Animal Consultation includes email answers to one follow up email from you for clarification on the information provided. So be sure to include all of your questions in this email. 

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Our Bengal Cat Made it Home!

BengalCat_000My dad was visiting me from out of town, and had brought his best friend, Pique a Boo, a beautiful Bengal cat. Pique, who is not at all used to the outdoors or my neighborhood, escaped from my house. We searched the neighborhood high and low, put fliers everywhere we could think of, talked to everyone who lived nearby, but a full 24 hours later, he was still missing. My dad was distraught and I have never felt so helpless. It finally occurred to me to ask Val Heart if she could help. She put me in touch with Tim, who had answers for me in a short time.

Tim told me that he had communicated with Pique, and that the cat told him that he was calm and comfortable, and had showed him a pool, a creek that was close to a school, and an area with scrap metal. Tim asked Pique a Boo to return to my home. Tim recommended that I set a humane trap towards the back of my yard.

Right around this time, my neighbor called to tell me that he had spotted the cat in the middle of the night, but couldn’t catch him! I immediately went to borrow a trap and my dad returned to my house. As soon as my dad pulled up, Pique a Boo casually walked up to my front door! After a full 24 hours of searching, calling him, he just calmly returned!

He also told me that Pique was calm and comfortable- that was the last thing any of us had expected to hear. The cat went absolutely wild when he escaped a few times from my father’s house. I honestly thought Tim might have been off on that point, but he was completely correct!

Thank you, Tim!


Liz Parker
Austin Pets Directory

Board Chair 

You can get the help you need right now. Do this next:

1) Purchase your consultation and Tim will be notified immediately so he is expecting your email and will schedule your session.

2) Next, you will be given a list of instructions on how to give Tim the information he needs to begin the work after you complete your purchase.

Consultations are generally scheduled within 24 hours of receiving your payment and the required information (below) since we understand that lost animals are a top priority.

Tim will need:

* The name of the lost animal companion

* A picture of the lost animal companion

* The address where the lost animal companion went missing from

* Any addresses where the lost animal companion has been seen since leaving

* The date the animal companion went missing

* Your contact phone number (in case he need to reach you by phone) and e-mail address where you would prefer the results of the lost animal consultation to be sent


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Animal Communicator Brings Blind Yorkie Home

Animal Communicator and Author Tim Link in Atlanta, GA helps the founder of Brazoria County Humane Society in Alvin, TX find her lost dog — a 2 lb, 18 year-old, blind Yorkie. Click here to read the story now.



Is there a guarantee? Tim uses map dowsing in combination with animal communication to assist in locating missing animals. While success cannot be guaranteed, Tim’s information often helps to reunite animals with their families. The media has covered many Lost Animal cases that Tim has helped to resolve.

Note: Working with lost or missing animals is a difficult field for many reasons, and not all animal communicators are able to do this well.

I’ve personally checked Tim’s work and am confident that if anyone can help you find your animal, Tim can.

Much love,