Learn how easy it is to get started in communicating with animals yourself!

Introducing Animal Communication – Step 1

You know your animals have secret thoughts, feelings and wisdom… Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn how to hear, understand and communicate with them yourself so they share their innermost thoughts with you, heart to heart, mind to mind?

val n razor hi5 331x222 2 Learning How to Talk With Animals is a critically important skill that any animal lover can learn – if they want to.

You know that you can easily misunderstand your animals when you don’t know how to speak their language or consider their viewpoints.

Did you also know that not knowing how to communicate with them directly can get you into sometimes awful predicaments, and can even cost your animal it’s life?

Exploring the Mystery of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection

Because your animals reflect your own imbalances, wounds and issues, they are your best teachers and healers. Learning how to work with them and connect at deeper levels helps us all be better people – more balanced, kind and considerate; helps us be healthier and clearer about who we really are and what we need and want; and can completely transform the quality of our lives.

How often do you find yourself saying….

Val’s Step 1: Introduction to Animal Communication gets you started right away. And you don’t even have to wait for a live class because this 60 minute course is digitally recorded so you can access it now.

In only 60 minutes you will discover, experience, and learn:

This is one of Val’s most popular classes! And, it’s a great place to start discovering your own telepathic abilities, communicating with your animal companions. The practical information can be put to good use right away! And it’s recorded so you can listen and learn on your own schedule.

NOTE: This Introduction course is a Pre-Requisite for Step 2: Beginning Workshop Series on How To Talk With Animals! Click Here for Information on Step 2 of this 3 part Program, Beginning Workshop Series

Other Prerequisites for Step 2: Beginning Workshop and also highly recommended for all animal communications students: Read AnimalTalk by Penelope Smith- Click Here to Get Your Copy Now

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Please Note: This recorded class only comes in a digital audio version, so you can listen to it immediately through your computer audio player, or you can download the MP3 file and listen later (or burn to your CD)