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Are You Doing It Wrong? Animal Talk Is About The Art Of Focusing

Did you know that what you focus on expands? It’s true. Your body, mind and spirit are like a computer. When you search for something on Google, your focus question determines what you get back. It doesn’t judge right or wrong; it doesn’t decide if this is a ‘good’ focus or ‘bad’ one. It just checks to see what you’re looking at and gives you more of that by crowding out all the rest. Your thoughts are reinforced by the emotional energy you put into it. That’s it. By focusing on your problems, your body mind and spirit understand that this is what’s important to you. So your bodymind think you want more of that, and is happy to giving you more. If your focus is negative, then that’s a problem. That’s true of your relationships, your work, your health… And it’s especially true of working with your animals through animal talk. If you focus on what’s not working or what is upsetting to you about their behavior, performance or health, they see your focus, see what you hold in your mind’s eye, and feel the strong emotions you’re feeling. Then they interpret the communication for meaning, based on their viewpoint, experience and history. The part about ‘I really wish you wouldn’t do that’ gets lost. So what can you do to correct these and other problems? Try focusing on what you DO want them to do. Feel how wonderful it would be if they did that (gratitude, appreciation, relief, joy) and image the rewards you would be delighted to give them if they did that instead. For more great techniques, insights and fun using animal talk, Start Here at The Heart School of Animal Communication

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