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Val Heart Is an Extraordinary Cat Whisperer

As a child, Val was known for her ability to connect and befriend feral cats. They would flock to her, eager for her attention so they could whisper their secrets and insights about life, share news about the neighborhood, and tell her their woes. Often her parents would come home to find her curled up with them around her, all happily sleeping together. Val loves cat whispering because kitties have fascinating and sometime completely unexpected viewpoints all their own. For instance, they are highly sensitive to energy, emotional attack and psychic phenomenon. Many years ago, Val and Animal Planet’s Cat Whisperer Jackson Galaxy co-taught a class together about working with cats. Often problems with our feline friends come from an imbalanced human caretaker or environment that simply does not work for them. Has your cat been trying to tell you something? Does your cat whisper in your ear, desperately wishing you could hear them? Do they walk away frustrated or sad because you are too dense to know what they are trying to say? Don’t keep disappointing your kitty! Get help now so we know what nuggets of wisdom they are trying to tell you. https://valheart.com/consulting-plans/

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