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How to Talk To Animals

Val believes that animals are angels, teachers, guides and healers, and that when we learn to recognize, respect and revere animals for who they really are, that they make us better people. Learning how to talk to animals is an extraordinary, life changing experience. Animals have a lot to say and need to be heard on all levels of their life. Knowing what animals think, feel and experience can change everything in the way you take care of your pet, and is THE foundation for a great relationship! Val Heart’s complete system of learning how to talk to animals is a spiritual journey. When you know how to talk to animals, they partner up with you so you can solve problems together and enrich each other’s lives by sharing insights, inspiration and deepen your bonding. Start with the Beginning Foundations Course, then move on to master your skills with the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Course! See the Complete How To Talk To Animals courses here

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