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Horse Communication Is The Foundation For A Happy Relationship

Val Heart got her start in horse communication in 1993 when she was asked to solve problems with pre-Olympic dressage horses, hunter jumpers, racing horses, endurance horses, Western Pleasure and world champion cutting horses. What she discovered is that horse communication is often overlooked when things go wrong and horse lovers struggle with their horses, and yet it is the most critically important element in enjoying a good relationship with your horse. When you take the time to communicate properly with your horse, they can tell you if they are in pain and if so, where they hurt. They can tell you why they behave badly, and what’s wrong in their world. They are also the BEST riding instructor you can have because they know what you are doing that is helping, hurting or hindering their movement. If you want a happy healthy horse that loves their work and YOU, then horse communication is the way to go! Click Here and let’s get started

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